Thank you to all those who who helped me win my campaign for King County Council District 4


Thank you to all those who supported me as well as those who voted for me in my campaign to be elected as King County Councilmember District 4! I’m delighted to report that I won and by a very large margin: 85.34% with the highest number of votes in any King County Council race this year with 53,255 votes. What a terrific district to represent, as has been the case in representing the 36th Leg. District in the legislature turnout in the state for many, many years. The same apparently is the case for the 4th Council District in King County, that includes all of the 36th L.D. and parts of the 32nd, 43rd and 46th L.D.s. I am truly fortunate!

However, I’m very disappointed with the low voter turnout as was the case statewide this year as well as in last year’s elections. In this year’s elections, even though the 4th Council District had the highest voter turnout in the county, it was only at 45.66 percent. The average for the county was just 39.17 percent, and was 38.45 percent statewide. Many counties had higher turnout than King County’s, which is not usual. I find all of this very disturbing. We need to make certain it’s much higher next year, which hopefully will be the case as it’s a Presidential election year, as well as includes races for U.S. Senator, all members of the U.S. Congress, all state representatives and half of all state senators.

But, again thank you to all the voters of the 4th Council District who voted for me and to my other supporters who helped in so many ways. I am looking forward to serving my constituents, existing and new ones, beginning January 1st.


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Jeanne Kohl-Welles, King County Councilmember-elect, 4th District