Jeanne Kohl-Welles

Every Day is Earth Day

It’s Earth Day weekend 2019.  Nearly 50 years ago, in 1970, Seattleite Denis Hayes organized the first ever Earth Day and has been an environmental leader ever since.

I’m proud to be endorsed by Denis in my race to seek a second term on the King County Council. As he has said about me:

“Jeanne has proven she will continue fighting for clean air, fresh water, and green spaces for all of our communities. I am a strong supporter of Jeanne’s re-election campaign. She is a champion for our Earth.”

— Denis Hayes

I never would have imagined on the first Earth Day that in 2019 we’d be standing on a  precipice on which we currently find ourselves.   And, we now face even more alarming effects, such as even higher temperatures, rising sea levels and an increasing frequency and severity of floods, drought, wildfires and other impacts.

Despite everything though, I’m hopeful.  During my first term on the Council, I’ve been inspired by the resilience and creativity of my constituents and advocacy groups who are dedicated to improving our community and protecting our air, land, water and health.

They inspired me to run for a second term and have given me hope.  I believe we have the skills, dedication and resources in this region to be a leader on the challenges of climate change.

I co-sponsored legislation in February to put in place a six-month moratorium on the construction of all fossil fuel infrastructure within the county, and in my second term will work to extend the moratorium.

I am a sponsor of the County’s Parks Levy which we voted yesterday to place on the primary ballot in August that will fund essential land conservation and preservation, expand equitable access to open and green spaces for underserved communities, as well as expand open spaces, parks, and the “greening” of King County.

And, as the new Chair of the King County Board of Health, I have placed on our 2019 agenda taking up the issue of climate change as the major public health challenge of our time.

On this Earth Day weekend, I’ll be volunteering, but I’ll also be looking forward to Monday – because every day is Earth Day.  I’ll continue my focus on expanding transit service and access, “greening” Metro’s bus fleet, protecting Puget Sound and raising awareness of the public health impacts of pollution and climate change.

To continue my work on these and other critical environmental issues, I need your help.

Please support my re-election campaign with your endorsement and your financial contribution so that I can serve another term and continue leading the charge on good stewardship of our precious Earth, right here in our own back yard.

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